Designate This

Designate This

Max regains her consciousness after her heart transplant, only to realize that she is back at Manticore and that Zack's heart is beating inside her. Madame X or Dr. Renfroe brings her to what is remain of Zack, his various organs taken to save other X5s. Now that the DNA lab has been torched, Manticore has decided to designate a 'breeding partner' to every X5's. Max's turns out to be Alec, a clone of Ben, who has no problem with her refusal to 'mate' with him. With the help of Joshua, a half dog- half man experiment, she escapes from Manticore for the second time. Outside in Seattle, Logan, after 3 months, still believes that Max is alive. He decides to reveal the existence of Manticore through Eyes Only. Dr. Renfro must destroy all evidence of the facility and burns the place, with people still trapped inside. Max cannot bear to see them die and releases everyone. Logan is reunited with her, only to find out that she is deadly to him if they touch because Manticore has given her a ... Written by Ploy P.


All Episodes - S2

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